Quality Assurance
The JACER Corporate Office has attained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management registration for our current Quality Management System (QMS).  The JACER QMS is continually reviewed, trained and updated, as needed, to ensure that quality services and deliverables are provided for all tasks and interactions with our clients.  The JACER QMS establishes the Quality Assurance (QA) program roadmap that identifies the high-level interrelationships between quality inputs, outputs, and interactions. JACER Corporation has adopted the ISO 9001:2008, Quality management systems-Requirements as the framework for QA policies, procedures, records, and continual improvement processes aimed at meeting the expectations of both internal and external customers.  ISO 9001:2008 is an international, established quality-management process that offers a structured approach for managing all processes that cut across the internal and external boundaries of an organization. JACER Corporation has established, documented, implemented and currently maintains a QMS that includes a JACER Quality Manual, key processes and procedures, and a method to continually assess these processes and procedures for the provision of quality services and client satisfaction.

For the past ten years, the JACER Corporation has demonstrated the value added by our company and the strength of our underlying commitment to quality.  Through its exceptional people, solid processes, and cost effective solutions, JACER Corporation has worked closely with the Federal Government to bring strategic and operational value.  Our past performance has been outstanding across the board and what distinguishes us from other program management support contractors is the in-depth experience we have in providing comprehensive client-focused staffing and management support.   We listen to our customers, we understand their needs, and we respond not only to meet their expectations, but to exceed those expectations.  We know the business of support services to the Federal Government; we know their business processes and challenges—technically and functionally. Our core competencies include Program and Project Management, Financial and Business Support and Management, Logistics and Resource Management, Administrative Support Services, Strategic Consulting, and Total Information Management / Information Technology Solutions.

Focusing on serving our Government clients, and consistently meeting or exceeding their requirements and expectations, has so far yielded maximum return, repeat business, and an outstanding reputation. The JACER Corporation Quality Policy is to meet or exceed all contractual, legal, regulatory, and other requirements in all our daily tasks, as stated below.

JACER Corporation is totally committed to being the leader in providing program and project management support services to the Federal Government, through its practice of continuous process improvement in order to surpass our clients’ needs and expectations.

Central to our philosophy of continuous improvement is the establishment of a culture that creates and pursues high standards, identifies and resolves problems, acts on recommendations for improvement, and promotes mutual respect and effective communication between JACER, its employees, and its Government clients. JACER Senior Management believes that there are three essential aspects to making sure that our work is of high quality: open and continuous communication with the customer; qualified, responsible staff; and management involvement in the tasks. Our goal is to apply the highest standards of quality in all its business practices and operations without compromise.
Customer Service Point of Contact

Debra Delekto
Quality Manager
JACER Corporation
W (703) 352-5201
C (703) 475-0497